Monday, December 22, 2014

{peace} from the Carlsons

Peace, Love, and Joy to you this Holiday Season!

2014 has been a series of milestones for us...though we are still awaiting the most treasured gift of all: a full night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.  

Kevin has added to his work resume with the Best Comedic Performance* award.  He has dipped his toe in the accounting-themed speaking arena and enjoys it.  If looking for him to present on the rules and regulations of number crunching at your company, keep in mind he's now regionally internally recognized and this will be reflected in his fee.

He already has a grassroots fan base:

Tracy received a promotion at work, moving from a manager of events, to a manager of people.  This shift simultaneously led to a surge in daily meetings and a new-found respect for all previous managers.  Turns out managers aren't luxuriating poolside, sipping Mai Tais.  Was told this was a "no returns, no exchanges" arrangement when this grave issue was brought to the attention of the department heads.

Blah, blah, blah.  Enough with the work talk.  The best part of our year was sneaking away for a weekend (sans kids) to Puerto Rico.  We enjoyed zip lining, a Bacardi tour, rainforest hikes, and time unhindered by naps or tantrums.  In short, Heaven.
On the flip side, we are just emerging from the worst part of the year: adding insulation to our home.  

Oh, a home is supposed to come with insulation?  Right.  We thought so too.  Apparently it's an add-on option in our townhome.  Our homeowner's association was very helpful in recommending we simply run a space heater 24/7 to "fix" the problem.  Brilliant.

Although our home received low marks for 2014, our parenting skills have knocked it out of the park.  Some stats of the year:
  • Number of "Why" questions answered: Surely over a million, which alone gives us an A+ for patience.
  • Number of Books Read: 1 Billion, give or take.  95% Super Hero themed.
  • Number of golden, stitch-it-on-a-pillow life lessons provided: probably about 5.  It's hard to keep track, really.  One sample to share with your offspring: "We don't lick our friends"
  • Trained the boys for adulthood as evidenced below:

With our boys in bed, we need to rest and recharge to face tomorrow's fill of questions, learning "opportunities," and super hero books.

We wish you have a wonderful holiday and hope to see or hear from you soon!

Kevin, Tracy, Chase, and Kiefer  

*Please note, this is a fictitious award and not to be confused with actual Hollywood merits.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Sweet Spot

Something amazing happened over the past two weeks. We have entered into a "sweet spot" of parenting.  Our home has become down right fun, thanks to Kiefer finally turning a corner.  He has traded screaming for laughing; Fall-on-the-floor tantrums for funny walks; and loud demands into boisterous singing.  The "C" in his a-b-c-d song is epic.

Prior to the "turn" Kiefer was unhappy and clingy from about 5:30 am - 7:30 am every morning.  And then it was time for school, leaving us very little enjoyable time together.

Now he is (relatively) quick to wake up and doesn't mind a little separation from his parents' hips.  In fact, his new-found independence has us running frantically to snatch him out of oncoming traffic and other new varieties of danger found when not being carried 24/7.

I just wish he wasn't so fast. For a two-year-old still sporting pants for a 12 month old, those tiny legs are speedier than expected.  And with such a low stature, he has proven himself an admirable adversary.  Although it increases our need of attentiveness, overall I consider it a win.....just need to make sure he wears a helmet at all times.

If our mornings sounded rough, the evenings weren't much better.

Upon arrival home, we kicked off with Kiefer refused to eat dinner.  Every Night.  Like our very own Gandhi without the hunger strike purpose.  Next we moved seamlessly to the bath, where the mere thought of water near his face caused him to lose. his. mind.  In case there was a question, bathing without water is hard.

Again, we have had an amazing one-eighty degree shift.  Kiefer now eats nearly everything on his plate and has traded constant water whining for craftiness. Instead crying for a towel after spraying a water toy in his eyes (Yes, his own eyes), he now takes the same offending toy, aims it at his brother and then turns it on. It's so clever, I can't bring myself to scold him.

To have two cheerful and joyous kids in the house has been a game-changer for this mom.  Seeing Kiefer's personality shine through has been a huge blessing and so energizing.  Though we have no idea when our time may run out, we happily soak in whatever we can.

Here's hoping for another few years in the Sweet Spot (we really are due).