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The Playground

I am not sure if a world record exists for the most hours logged at a playground, but we may be in the running.  And while the playground began merely to get our son out of the house (and apparently to build his tolerance for sunscreen application -- the less you move, the lower the chance of white stuff in the eye kiddo ), we had no idea of the learning opportunities awaiting us.  Below are some of the highlights: Share-ground The playground is mainly a lesson in sharing: sharing of time, space, and toys.  Currently our son is one of the youngest at the park, deeming him the "learning tool" for older children.  When parents see our son (Chase) ambling in, children are quickly instructed to be gentle and let the baby play.   Typically, the older child greets ours with a hug and head pat (his bald head just asks to be rubbed).  Little does the head patter realize how this action has cemented Chase's love for his new best friend.  Whether climbing a  slide, playing