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Silver Lining of Pregnancy

With a plethora of books on pregnancy (a quick search shows over 28,000 options), the last thing you need is more information on pending changes to your body and emotions.  Instead, I'd like to dwell on the Silver Lining to my pregnancy of water retention and indigestion: Body Changes Obviously the midsection is stretched beyond recognition.  And it seems my hips view this as a competition and relentlessly keep pace with my belly.  However, the side benefits of a larger chest and thicker hair aren't too shabby.  I love transitioning from flat-chested to exclaiming:   I probably shouldn't wear this any longer with all this cleavage!   When in fact, I will wear it more often.  And having my hairstylist no longer elicit sighs or looks of pity during my visit helps me forget the thin, fine locks which will return in a few short months. Stretchy Clothes Aside from being insanely thankful to Fashion for the return of leggings in 2005 (thanks  Wikipedia ), pregnant peopl