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{happy holidays} from the Carlsons

Happy Holidays! We hope you are enjoying the season and able to find some moments to rest and create memories within the busyness of it all! We know your time is valuable, so we tried to keep our year-in-review short: This year, both Kevin and Tracy stayed employed (yay!) at the same companies, in the same roles, and continue to enjoy our jobs and colleagues. While we value the work we are able to do, our #1 goal is to balance this with our family, friends, and volunteering. Speaking of family, Chase and Kiefer are full throttle into allthesports and we couldn’t be enjoying it more. While they played baseball, soccer, basketball, and tennis - flag football has their hearts. Kevin loves coaching whenever possible, and was even able to QB with both Carlson boys on the same team...and that team won the JFL Indoor 8 & Under Championship! Tracy has been key to cheering and recording videos...though misses a play or two when "building team camaraderie" (ie. chatting on