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Picture Perfect

Me, obviously no better than others clamoring for photos.  Chase, a social media kid in training. The emergence of social media has made my life simultaneously better and worse.  In just a few minutes, I can touch base with friends and family -- interesting trips, recent accomplishments, and funny random quips.  Please don't guilt trip me with the "face-to-face is better" lecture.  I agree, but with two small children & working full time my choice is either never see anyone or take what I can get on facebook.   One of the greatest perks is reconnecting with friends of the past.  A perfect example: My grade school best friend and I drifted apart after her family moved.  Most likely due to struggles over long distance conversation topics beyond the "I played with My Little Pony and Barbie today" from our first letters.   Whoa, sorry.  I am probably getting ahead of myself here.   For the younger generation, a "letter" is the way people commun