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Kiefer Maddox Carlson

This is my first attempt to post-date and add in something after the fact.  Here's to hoping it works as I would like to have the ability to refer to this as the year's go on, instead of being lost in the archives of my email . ---------- We are proud to announce the (early) arrival of our son:  Kiefer Maddox Carlson While they say never to compare siblings, let's ignore this for a moment: Chase: 10 days late (9/9/10) Kiefer: 10 days early (9/11/12) Chase: 9.5 pounds, approximately the size of two Kiefers. Kiefer: 5.5 pounds, the smallest kid on his hospital block  Chase: Bald at Birth.  Still looks relatively bald at 2 Kiefer: Full head of jet black hair. Chase: Big appetite.  Wouldn't stop feeding Kiefer: Would rather be sleeping at all times Chase: Parents well prepped for the hospital.  Lists made, lists adhered to.  Calm, collected Kiefer: Parents behaved as though this was their first time.  Mom made it to the hospital carry