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A Good Day

Sometimes I have a terrible day and pray when I greet Chase at daycare that 1) he is happy to see me 2) he decides not to throw a temper tantrum the rest of the evening (which is a tougher wish more and more) Very rarely are both goals met.  Number two is usually the culprit. Today I was worn down mentally and physically.  Feeling beat up.  All I wanted was to dwell on & pity myself. As I walked into school, I prayed my 1 & 2.  And today he knocked both out of the park.  When he saw me, he cracked a big smile, opened his arms wide and cried out "DADA!" Okay, obviously we need to work on that. Regardless, he was excited to see me (or Dad's stand-in anyway). I wanted to be alone to sulk, but Chase knew better.  We met a lovely new friend on the bus, watched some middle-school kids play basketball, and waved to numerous strangers as we jogged the last block home.  He minded all directions, ate his full meal, and went to bed like a dream.  I almost don&