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Baby Two is on the Way!

Does Chase's shirt make me look pregnant? With the announcement of Baby Two being due, I can guess the two main responses: (1)  Uh, come again? Yep.  I strongly touted "No Kids. Ever." early in marriage.  Then begrudgingly changed my tune to One and Done when pregnant with the birth of Chase.  So I understand the head scratching.  The new (and final) mantra is Two and We're Through. (2) Who cares. Beyond grandparents, not many get excited when hearing another baby is on the way.  You aren't excited to learn -- let alone remember -- another name. So while you may not care (and probably stopped reading long ago), it is surprising how much thought goes into deciding to have a second.  On one hand , there is the advantage of knowing what to expect.  On the other hand, there is the  dis advantage of knowing what to expect.  So we are preparing for our new roles as "referee"  ( Chase! Stop poking the Baby.  CHASE. No hitting ...)  as it was dete

Let's Be Honest...

Let's be honest, parenting is hard. Stay at Home. Career. Unless you are a deadbeat, parenting is tough. Moms and dads who gush about every moment with their kids being "a blessing and joy" are experiencing a heavy case of selective memory.  This (popular) parenting outlook neglects to mention how gut-wretchingly hard it can be.  To be clear: I love my child fiercely and unconditionally.  But the intense love of my child does not equate to skipping through each day filled with only giggles and hugs.   There are moments or days I am completely defeated.  Many times I don't meet the mark of Perfect Parent.  Some Mother of the Year examples are below: My son has eaten cheese puffs for dinner. Pickles were the "vegetable." The Five Second Rule is typically extended an extra 10-15. Starting when I see it. Some days I am happier to see 7:00 pm (bedtime) than 7:00 am (awake time). Sometimes I go to the bathroom, even when I don't need to. There is