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{MERRY} from the Carlsons

As the stockings are hung by the chimney with cries of Don't-Touch-Those-or-the-heavy-stocking-holder-thingy-will-crush-your-little-head , it appears we are ready for the season!     Kevin and Tracy are still plugging away at Heitman (as a Finance Manager) and BMO Financial Group (as a Manager in Event-Based Marketing). While both of us enjoy our companies and roles, that's probably is enough work talk. Outside of work, Kevin made the difficult decision to hang up his magician's hat after two years with  Open Heart Magic  - though is still known to carry a pack of cards just in case there is an entertainment opportunity or need. Tracy increased her volunteer work for our neighborhood elementary school: South Loop School.  While her strongest skill is her "inability to say no" to new committees and tasks, it has truly been a great community to support and a wonderful way to meet families in the area.  [small plug: Would love to connect you as well if y