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Every Day is Independence Day

3 photos on the left: July 4, 2011 | Photo on far right: July 4, 2012 In my ideal world, efficiency is key.  With the need to accomplish so much in a day, I walk quickly, email succinctly, and stay focused.  Sometimes a phone call with a friend resembles more of a speed date than the casual catch up we both desire.  And while this fast pace gets me through the work day, my child's desire for independence throws speed & efficiency out the window the minute I arrive home.  Some examples: Taking out the trash: 2  minutes Taking out the trash with our child carrying an item: 10 minutes Walking down the stairs: 1  minute  Chase maneuvering from the 2nd to 1st floor: 5  minutes   Carrying Chase to the park: 1  minute Chase transporting himself  to the sandbox:  15 minutes  (this feels generous) You get the idea.  I won't even allow myself to figure out the lost hours spent watching him struggle with gravity and slippery pasta during dinner. If I were to a