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Mothers vs. Fathers: In the Public Eye

Left: At the scene of the crime; Right: Celebrating Father of the Year Being a mother and a casual observer of the human race, it warrants me the right to shed light on the interesting public response to parents out and about with their children. A battle of Mothers vs. Fathers, if you will.   Thankfully it isn't actually a competition.  Because there is a clear "winner"....and it isn't me. Let's start with an the average bus ride experience.  As I board the bus, baby strapped to my front; toddler pushing his way through the sea of legs, it is business as usual.  No one notices my existence or offers a seat.  The only time an eye is lifted is if one (or both) of the children makes a scene.   And these once avoidant eyes now contain harsh scrutiny.  Most looks have a bonus "tsk-tsk" noise to accompany them.  I am so lucky to have the "village" there to help.  Now swap the mother with the father in the above scenario and watch what hap