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Chase Alexander Carlson

This is a re-post of our email / announcement of the birth of Chase.  Keeping on here so I always have access... ------------ We would like to introduce a little something new in our lives: Chase Alexander Carlson   September 9, 5:18pm Weight: 9lbs 5oz /  Inches: 21 We won't bore you with the percentages, but let's just say he is a biggun. Q: What is he like?  Is he funny?   A: Not much of a personality yet, somewhat needy to be honest.  Kinda whiney.  We hope it's a  phase.  However, he is already a team player as arriving late allowed Kevin to compete in his fantasy football draft on Sept 2.   Q: What does he look like? A: At first mostly purple and slippery....BIG.     Photos Pending: After Chase is done with his "transparent/purple-skin- phase" we will post photos on facebook.   Side Note: If you are under the age of 50 and not on facebook, shame on you.  If you want to admit that to us and are interested in photos, let