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The Sweet Spot

Something amazing happened over the past two weeks. We have entered into a "sweet spot" of parenting.  Our home has become down right fun, thanks to Kiefer finally turning a corner.  He has traded screaming for laughing; Fall-on-the-floor tantrums for funny walks ; and loud demands into boisterous singing.  The "C" in his a-b-c-d song is epic. Prior to the "turn" Kiefer was unhappy and clingy from about 5:30 am - 7:30 am every morning.  And then it was time for school, leaving us very little enjoyable time together. Now he is (relatively) quick to wake up and doesn't mind a little separation from his parents' hips.  In fact, his new-found independence has us running frantically to snatch him out of oncoming traffic and other new varieties of danger found when not being carried 24/7. I just wish he wasn't so fast. For a two-year-old still sporting pants for a 12 month old, those tiny legs are speedier than expected.  And with such a lo