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{Virtual Greetings} from the Carlsons

Happy Holidays from the Carlson Family! Around this time last year, Kevin and I were making big plans. We had booked a few international trips – our first as a family, and we gathered everything to announce it on Christmas day – presents included travel backpacks and luggage tags (which in hindsight was probably not the most thrilling gift for a kid to open, but it was from Santa, so we didn’t feel too badly). And as the boys opened their presents we excitedly announced 2020 would be the “Carlson Year of Travel!!” Pre pandemic, we visited one of our new favorite places in the US: Fire Valley State Park. Gorgeous. What’s that? You want to see photos? OK! And you can guess how our international travel plans turned out. After getting over that heartbreak and a sizable “donation” to the country of Peru, we dusted ourselves off and looked for new adventures. We were able to squeeze in a few quick getaways to change up the scenery from the same four walls of our home: Branson, Miss