Chase Alexander Carlson

This is a re-post of our email / announcement of the birth of Chase.  Keeping on here so I always have access...

We would like to introduce a little something new in our lives:

Chase Alexander Carlson 
September 9, 5:18pm
Weight: 9lbs 5oz / Inches: 21

We won't bore you with the percentages, but let's just say he is a biggun.

Q: What is he like?  Is he funny?  
A: Not much of a personality yet, somewhat needy to be honest.  Kinda whiney.  We hope it's a phase.  However, he is already a team player as arriving late allowed Kevin to compete in his fantasy football draft on Sept 2.
Q: What does he look like?
A: At first mostly purple and slippery....BIG.    

Photos Pending:
After Chase is done with his "transparent/purple-skin-phase" we will post photos on facebook.  Side Note: If you are under the age of 50 and not on facebook, shame on you.  If you want to admit that to us and are interested in photos, let Kevin know and he'll be happy to distribute via email.

We are working to create a new tradition here at the hospital where we get to select a nurse to take home with us for the first few weeks.  Pretty sure they are warming up to the idea...

Well, time to [feed, burp, diaper, etc],


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