Baby Two is on the Way!

Does Chase's shirt make me
look pregnant?
With the announcement of Baby Two being due, I can guess the two main responses:

(1)  Uh, come again?
Yep.  I strongly touted "No Kids. Ever." early in marriage.  Then begrudgingly changed my tune to One and Done when pregnant with the birth of Chase.  So I understand the head scratching.  The new (and final) mantra is Two and We're Through.

(2) Who cares.
Beyond grandparents, not many get excited when hearing another baby is on the way.  You aren't excited to learn -- let alone remember -- another name.

So while you may not care (and probably stopped reading long ago), it is surprising how much thought goes into deciding to have a second.  On one hand, there is the advantage of knowing what to expect.  On the other hand, there is the disadvantage of knowing what to expect. 

So we are preparing for our new roles as "referee" (Chase! Stop poking the Baby.  CHASE. No hitting...) as it was determined the pros outweighed the cons of financial burden, overwhelming exhaustion, and constant worrying.  And don't try consoling us with the "second-baby-isn't-much-more-expensive" argument.  Our new home search says baby 2 is definitely upping overall expenses.

Below are some FAQ for your reference:
  • Due Date? September 20 (they will be about 2 years apart)
  • Gender?  In a few months we will know whether Mom is outnumbered and in need of a "ladies den" -- a nice room with bottomless martinis and a TV incapable of broadcasting sports or playing video games.
  • Preference?  Now I kinda want another boy to secure my ladies den.... 
  • Name?  One is heavily favored, but not to be shared until it's inked on the birth certificate.  If pressed, we will probably say the baby will be named after you.  However, I can guarantee this is not true.
  • How are you feeling? Exhausted.  Creating a human is much harder when there is another one running around.  I never feel caught up on sleep.  Like before, Kevin feels great except for the extra burden of picking up my slack. 
  • Need help? Any advice on the transition is MUCH appreciated!  Would prefer these kids like each other.  Or if you are low on advice, we will happily accept cash instead.


Sunshine Eyes said…
Wahoo!! Congrats! For us, two years apart was a wild ride, (our #2 and #3 are almost exactly 24 mos apart) so I say give Chase to Kevin to take outside and do "guy stuff" as often as possible so you can SLEEP while you can! :)
Anonymous said…
AHHHH...I'm SO EXCITED!!! I just knew this announcement was coming soon...or at least i hoped. How fun that we will both have our 2010 and 2012 babies! Love the "new look same sarcasm". Perfect!
Lisa C
Tracy C said…
Thanks Lisa! Very excited to share stories with you about a water-logged elephant foot and more...sigh.
Deeb said…
Congrats! I am very happy for you guys! Parenting is great, but definitely tiring and all of that other stuff! 2 is way more than 1, just so you know! Our kids are 22 months apart! 2 years is a good gap!
Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS! Whoohoo! Yes I definately was debating whether to have another for quite sometime also. Pregnancy #2 has been SO much more difficult! There's just so little time to rest. 2 years a part here too. I'll keep you posted on how I'm surviving when the time comes. July will be the tell all:) Kendra SH
Tracy C said…
sounds like a great tip, SC. Thanks!!
Alison said…
I've been thinking about this a lot lately, so I particularly enjoy your thoughts on the subject. Very happy for you, Tracy!
Tracy C said…
Thanks Alison! This pregnancy has reminded me how miraculous life truly is and not to take it for granted. And I would lie by saying we aren't (very) nervous about what is in store! Good luck with any future decisions :)
Tracy C said…
Thanks Deebs! I know, I know...we aren't expecting to skip through #2 with ease...sigh. I remember the first 3M well. Too well. But they just keep getting so much fun! I may regret this when they hit the tween years though...
Tracy C said…
glad i'm not alone! And you keep me posted with tips. Seriously. Tips welcome.

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