Thank You

A Father's Day thank you to my husband:

Thank you for knowing the details.  During the do-we-have-a-child negotiation phase, I may have reacted harshly toward you when I learned some dads don't know how to pack a diaper bag.  Little did I know there was nothing to fear.  Not only are you an amazing father and an expert diaper bag packer, but you have kept our son alive, diapered, and clothed when I travel for work or go out for a ladies night.  You have continued to impress me and surpass all my expectations.

Thank you for letting my gene pool annihilate your gene pool.  It's not a competition.  But if it was, I'm definitely winning.  While you may not love it now, down the road it may come in handy.  When our son toddles over to you and asks: Dad, why are my cheeks so big?  Why are my shoes so tight?  Why are my shirts so short?  you can just shuffle him over to me.  Then I, and my dominant gene pool, will have to explain how my attributes equate to always having a baby face, (super) high arches, and a long torso. 

However, once I have corrective surgery for my "deviated septum" he will only have you to blame for a large nose (Note: Donations are now being accepted for this important procedure.  Please write Nose in the need to confuse this money with the college fund).

Thank you for teaching me to be in the moment.  Because of you, I have relaxed (a bit) from the sole focus of accomplishing tasks, to being more present in each moment.  It is easy to be distracted by organizing and cleaning to the point where I miss quality time with our boy.  Now although fewer items are crossed off of the to-do list, but more time is spent seeing our little man laughing and playing.  Tasks can be taken care of later, and eventually my hope is we can train our Tasmanian devil to throw in a helping hand.  He can't freeload on fun forever.

Thank you for letting me hover.  During maternity leave, no one was there to judge or point out errors I made throughout the day.  I had the freedom to make mistakes and learn from those to create best practices.  Unfortunately for you, I was frequently around to offer unsolicited "help" or "advice."  When I finally gave you room to breathe and test out parenting on your own, you were the one giving valuable insights to me!   

Thank you for acknowledging the MVP (Most Valuable Parent).  After going on and on about how great you are, it's important to bring you down a notch.  Let's remember -- no matter how great you are -- our son has designated me MVP.  Thanks for letting me relish the moments he reaches for me from your arms, walks quickly (too young for running yet) to me for pains or pickups, and cries when I leave the room.  Knowing the title MVP will change hands over the years, I need to soak up all the extra attention while I can. 

So tonight I raise a glass and thank you for being the best baby daddy and husband I could ever hope for.  Happy Father's Day!  


joshjellel said…
This is really sweet! You guys are so unconventionally awesome! Thanks for sharing all the ways you love your kid(s) and being real about all the things you don't.
Tracy C said…
Thanks for your kind words Josh!

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