Chase Alexander has officially survived one year of life!  Some said it couldn't be done...but that may have just been me.  His highlight reel is below and photos are included for those interested (simply click each month):  
Recipients of the 6 month update may want to skip down to 7 Months (it is highly repetitive):

0 - 1 Month: Lots of crying. Some sleeping.  Experienced the longest night of our lives: 6 solid hours of crying (night was dubbed: "Babyggedon").  Weight and Length placed him in the "heavy-weight" division. 

2 Months: Chase began to quiet down and operate well as a photo prop, helping pass the days more quickly.  We were promised "coo'ing", but received "baby dragon" growls. 

3 Months: Chase started daycare; Tracy started work.  Chase melded in quickly and easily, taking a quick liking to his teachers.  Tracy struggled working 8 hours in a row without naps.  Was told there would be cots.

4 Months: Caught his first flu, which led to several enjoyable nights of waking up to screaming in 30 minute intervals.  It was nice the whole family could be involved.  

5 Months: This was a busy month as Chase began testing solids; sitting up;  drooling uncontrollably; sucking on anything in sight (tables, toys, mom's face); and rolling over when placed on any somewhat flat surface. 

6 Months:  Chase babbled "dadadadadada" in the middle of the night, which seemed to be a distress signal specifically for Kevin (he disagreed).  However, Chase soon had enough of our midnight visits and started sleeping through the night. 

7 Months: Started his first fight.  Chase tackled a schoolmate, but then panicked and released when his tiny victim started crying (Chase followed suit and broke into tears as well).  Meanwhile, we stopped "wrestling" with Chase at home with suspicion this led to the attack.

8 Months: Took up crawling, only to ditch it after two weeks in order to walk.  Hasn't stopped moving since.  Video proof for the Doubting Thomas in you.

9 Months: Dance Moves began to form.  From the hip hop arm bounce to a jazzy spin, what he lacks in proper beat is made up for in showmanship and enthusiasm.  Current house beats for a good booty shake include Try it, You'll Like It and Wash your Hands (lather up)

10 Months:  This month was a blur of parks and playgrounds. The swings!  The slides!  The faceplants.  The eating of rocks and mulch.  Also began speed-reading this month: "reads" about 1-2 pages of each book from his shelf, resulting in all books askew on the floor.    

11 Months: In a sprint to tick off some milestones before the big birthday, he squeezed in his first sign language (more, eat, dad) and started to wave.  Had he known what a huge hit the wave is to everyone around him, he would have incorporated it into his repertoire a long time ago. 

12 Months:  One day in.  So far, so good.  We weighed & measured him this morning and expect playing, napping, and eating is on the docket for the remainder of the afternoon.  

It has been an honor to watch Chase grow (at least until 9M of age...he hasn't moved an inch since) and learn.  Excited to see what the next year holds! 


Dawn Dausman said…
Happy Birthday beautiful boy! Hurray, everyone survived a year. Btw, if you didn't know the first year of life you have a "free pass" from reality. I actually take 18 months with both my girls. So you've exceeded all expectations! xoxo D
Meghan said…
I love it! I cannot believe Chase is one!
Jenna said…
Awesome - love it! Way to survive & thrive!!

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