WANTED: Book Club: Reading Optional

I know what you are thinking.  A Book Club?  Reading?  Who has time to read a book these days, let alone commit to it monthly? 

I understand and empathize with your concern(s). 

When pregnant, I read very few books about children.  Attempts were made to prepare for the future baby, but each time I picked up a book on infants my eyes glazed over and my hands uncontrollably wandered back to Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

Ahh, those pregnancy days -- hours of luxurious free time; the ability to eat out, shop, and relax.  I didn’t realize how it would drastically change, so needless to say, there was a lot to learn (and read) when our son arrived.     

As each stage flies by, the array of advice books is overwhelming.  I imagined once I "caught up" in the reading I delayed in the beginning I could relax, but instead am in constant prep-mode for the next phase.  I consider it rude, but he won’t pause and wait for me to catch up.   It is nearly impossible to stay ahead of the curve.

The days of ample free time are now gone and when he naps I walk sadly past my tidy, unused bed to the reading chair.  I have to continue powering through.  

Not only am I researching parenting tips, but I also want to be aware of the world outside my window.  This involves scanning national headlines, being conversant in pop culture (though proud to say we are a Kardashian-free household), and maybe even squeezing in a few magazines. And dare I dream of adding in a book from the New York Times Best Sellers list?

With all of this pressure to raise an amazing child while keeping up to date in the realms of news, politics, and fashion, I am exhausted. 

However, I came up with an idea. 

Let’s start a Book Club where each member reads a different book.  You pick the focus; something of interest to you.  With an aim to balance required & desired reading, it can range from the latest best seller to the ‘joys’ of potty training.  Side note:  I prefer people who really like digging into developmental milestones, leaving me to focus on pop culture education.

Then we gather together to eat, drink, chat, and provide cliff note versions of what we learned. Everyone wins. We have less required reading, enjoy a girls’ night, and gain new insights in a fraction of the time.

No time for a full book?  We've all been there. Just bring a magazine, online article, or book previously read...we won't judge.

Not only will everyone walk away with more knowledge, but this allows me to dust off & spend quality time with my Real Simple & Lucky magazines. I may even pick up a copy of the Hunger Games and relax guilt free on the couch while Chase naps. 

Who's with me?


Beth said…
I'm in! Mostly for the eating and chatting with my girlfriend part :)
Jenna said…
Sounds awesome! A new acquired skill may kill my reading time, but this will inspire me to pick up a book occasionally.

P.S. I won't give away the Hunger Games endings. :-)

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