one year {take two}

Kiefer Maddox Carlson.  One Year.  He made it.  More importantly, we survived too.   

When reviewing the monthly progression photos below, Kiefer's first year of life can probably be summed up as: 
0-6 months:  What's happening?  Where am I? | 7-12 months: HEY!  I like it here!  I like you guys!

0-1 Months: Kiefer entered the world as the teeniest baby I have ever seen.  And slept really really well.  During the day.  Only during the day.

2 Months:  See above.

3 Months:  The first non-gas related smiles surfaced.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, the smiles were mostly at night, as he still hadn't transitioned to a normal sleep schedule.

4 Months:  Develops an amazing ability to grip all items.  His favorite object: Mom's hair.   His method: grip it and rip it.

5 Months:  Does NOT like to have any limbs moved against his will.  Which isn't bad...unless you need to change his diaper or his outfit.  Which is all. the. time.  

6 Months:  Sat up and started playing catch (if we could convince him to release the beach ball from his gums).

7 months: On our milestones calendar, we wrote: "Kiefer Teething!"  With an exclamation point.  Apparently we were delirious.  Needless to say, his teething has been anything but exciting.  The only exclamations around this phase typically follow the phrase: I found the medicine!!

8 Months: Loves Yogurt Melts.  ONLY yogurt melts. Dislikes every other solid.  Crawled.  Stood.  Pushed his walker every waking moment until covered in sweat.  Therefore creating a vicious circle of needing more yogurt melts to replenish his energy.

9 Months: The school claims there is footage of Kiefer eating and enjoying his non-yogurt-melt meal.  The teachers say he loves (LOVES!) vegetables and cheese.  Allegedly.  Have yet to see this so-called evidence.

10 Months: Kiefer finally stopped flirting with the idea of walking and took his first steps.  Prefers the opposite direction.  We want to go right?  He heads left.  We need to go straight?  He doesn't.  Opposite. 

11 Months: If Kiefer were a super hero, he would be Potty Boy: powers include finding open toilets in the blink of an eye (joyously throwing in his hand and splashing around); pushing Bjorn potties faster than a speeding bullet (and typically hiding or removing the actual, required seat insert). 

12 Months: Experiences best birthday of his life - there was clapping, high fives, and dancing to anything with a beat (probably didn't even notice one family member say the wrong name during his happy birthday song). 

Kiefer has been a good addition to the family (and yes, we still consider this our complete family).  His smile and laugh are contagious and we look forward to seeing this little fireplug grow (hopefully pushing past the 25th percentile) and learn.  And I look forward to the day when my hair is no longer involved in his favorite game.  


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