{joy} from the carlsons

We hope this season finds you experiencing the joy of friends and family.  Or at least pockets of time without the stress of shopping and shoveling.  

Having a 3 year old has helped us take a step back from the To-Do list this year to enjoy house decorating, snowball fights, and new aspects of gifting.  Eg. The gifts are constantly being moved to/from our couch, where Chase feels it keeps them safe from Kiefer stomping on them (one year old's new favorite thing, not kidding).  Also learned quickly wrapping should only occur while the boys are sleeping to avoid the wrapping paper rolls immediately being "refurbished" into pogo sticks or bats....

During 2013, Kevin has continued to save the world...one playstation game at a time. He continues to work as an accountant at LaSalle and also volunteers as a punching bag/jungle gym for Chase’s classmates at church. He’s a pretty big deal in pre-school social circles.

Tracy is still managing events for BMO.  As a career mom, she has been blessed from the inspiration and encouragement of other moms in her monthly Career Mom lunch meeting.  The presentations and brainstorms have helped in so many ways in my parenting (and sanity).  Shoot us a note if you would like to start something similar in your community -- highly highly recommend.  Happy to provide topic ideas, tips for getting started, etc.  

We took our first family trip this year and went to San Antonio.  While we loved the water park, Sea World, and Safari, we didn't love the travel. And by "we", specifically Kiefer. We may take the next few years off from vacationing with kids so it will feel more like a, well, vacation.

Not that Kiefer is all bad (just when in a car/plane/anything restricting movement), as he has really blossomed into a fun character who enjoys to dance, wrestle, and hang upside down.  

Chase is using the potty and we look forward to the day he no longer wants to show us each and every successful attempt, or in his words: a "special surprise". He prefers not to wear a stitch of clothing, so many nights are spent with a tiny streaker running around the house.  

With the boys tucked in to bed, it is time to sneak in some gift wrapping without being pummeled by the roll.

Much joy to you all this season!
Kevin, Tracy, Chase, & Kiefer


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