Car Party (DIY)

Thought I would come out of my semi-blog-retirement to post a completely untypical blog for the Will Blog for Sleep site.

This weekend I pulled together a Car Themed Do-It-Yourself Party for my 3 year old, and wanted to share for those who also have car enthusiasts at home!  After spending hours researching ideas online, I pulled together these favorites, which ended up being hits for the kids too!

The theme revolved around the collateral found on Etsy - LuluPaperPrints

She worked with this pattern to create invitations, Food Tent Cards, and some of the signs below:

Next came the activities - wanted something where kids didn't have to be watched 24/7 (it's a party for parents, too, for goodness sake!) and where everyone would still have fun!

We  chose (we, who are we husband learned what was happening the day of):
  • Car Photo - Made with cardboard and Spray Paint, specialized license plate
  • Race Track - Raced hot wheels down the track - Made by our Grandpa, so one of a kind :) 
  • Emissions Testing - Bubbles
  • Create a Road - Chalk
  • Car Detail - Paint your own wooden car (huge hit!).  CarsSmocksPaintsBuckets
  • Dealership - A few cars kids could "test" drive
  • Tire Testing - Bean Bags tossed at inflatable tires
  • City Paths - Used indoor road tape and existing buildings, train set, etc to create a city.  And every city needs a farm, zoo, and super heros :)

For snacks, we tried to keep the theme as well.  It was morning, so we didn't have to have a lot (pro tip ;)
  • Spare Tires - Oreos
  • Dipsticks - Pretzel Rods with Cheese Dip
  • Fruit Cars - Apple Slices with Grapes Tires
  • Body Shop - Extra grape "tires"
  • Traffic Lights - Rice Krispies with M&M lights
  • PB&J - Shaped like cars (used car shaped cookie cutter)
  • Red Car Cake - Grocery Store

We had a great time and I had a blast putting it all together!!

...and HUGE thanks to my husband and the Grandparents for creating the race track, and getting up early to make PB&J sandwiches and fruit cars!!

We had a blast!

(gift bags were car finger beams, Car Erasers, Pull Back Car, and Traffic Sign Sucker)


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